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Can I recycle toluene solvent?

Yes. Solvent Recycling Systems can recover toluene solvent from previously spent solvents. What is toluene? Toluene is an organic solvent that has the chemical formula C7H8 that belongs to the aromatic hydrocarbon family. Toluene is a common ingredient in degreasers and is used as a solvent in many applications including rubber, ink, paint, adhesives, and…
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Common FAQs of the Solvent Recovery Process

There is a lot to digest when it comes to the solvent recovery or recycling process. What type of solvent recycler should I choose? What overhead costs in addition to the still should I be concerned about? How much time will I need to devote to an operations team? We'll seek to answer the most common…
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5 Key Characteristics of a Waste Solvent Recycling Partner

When looking for the ideal waste solvent recycling partner, there are many factors you may be considering. How will this partner manufacture equipment that cleans contaminated solvents while reducing your facility's footprint? How can you reclaim and reuse solvents again and again in your own facility, without worrying about cost? Below is a list of characteristics…
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