Harvard Corporation Oil Filtration

Filtering new oil is a critical maintenance step to increase the uptime of your units and maintain optimal production levels. The life and health your equipment is dependent on the purity of the lubricant fluid circulating inside it. Over time, particles, water and other contaminants begin to build up in the oil. When this contamination is neglected, it begins to diminish the lubricating properties of the oil and overall performance of the machinery.

New Oil Doesn't Equate to Clean Oil

A malfunctioning system because of a contamination or lubrication issue can result in costly downtime, part replacement and maintenance. It is estimated that it costs 10 – 1,000 times or more to remove one gram of abrasive contaminants once it has entered your system than it does to exclude it in the first place.

Solvent Recycling Systems uses Harvard Corporation industrial oil filtration products to filter dirt and sediment out of contaminated solvent before it gets into our distillation machines. Harvard® brand oil filters remove contaminants as small as one micron, filters synthetic and petroleum-based fluids, with over 40 years of experience significantly extending the service life of the equipment over hundreds of applications.

With the expenses, complexities and increasing demands on equipment today, starting with clean oil is an essential first step to superior equipment performance.

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