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SR60 Solvent Recycler 16 Gallons

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Batch Size: 16 gallons

Cycle Time: 4-6 hours

Recovery %: Typical recovery 80-90% of solvent from waste.

Commonly Recycled Solvents: Mineral spirits, IPA, Paint Booth Line Flush, Lacquer Thinner, etc.

ISTpure’s SR Series Solvent Recyclers are designed to safely reclaim used solvents and other hazardous chemicals onsite.

Our distillation process allows for the end product to be clean, distilled, and ready for subsequent cleaning applications.

Our units are safe to use and ergonomically designed to control and eliminate harmful vapors.

They are fully automated and virtually maintenance-free – it only takes a few minutes to start the process.




The SR Series solvent recycling system is designed to safely and efficiently reclaim used solvents. Solvent recyclers come in many different sizes for batch solvent distillation. The SR60 solvent recycler is a 16-gallon batch processing distillation system for the small to midsized solvent user. Solvent recycling bags line the interior of the solvent recycler to provide easy waste removal. Solvent recycling systems can operate with vacuum assist technology to lower boiling points for easier processing of higher flash point chemical. An SDS is required to understand the boiling points of chemicals for solvent recycling.


• Industrial Coating & Paint
• Printing & Packaging Industry
• Woodworking & Cabinet Making
• Plastic Forming & Processing
• General Manufacturing
• Solvent-Based Cleaning

Benefits for Your Business:

• Save money on pure solvent purchases and waste solvent disposal fees
• Comply to hazardous waste disposal regulations
• Implement environmentally-friendly practices
• Reduce waste solvent stock piles


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