Solvent Recycling Machines

Our solvent recycling machines and solvent distillation equipment are suitable for a variety of laboratory and industrial applications. No special training is needed to operate the solvent recyclers, which meet any business model or waste processing need. Our solvent recyclers are IoT-enabled and use predictive analytics to alert operations personnel when a particular solvent is about to run out. Simply fill the solvent recycling unit with contaminated solvent using the recycling unit's self-contained pump, push a button, and walk away.
Less waste, less cost, and less downtime in your facility.

Solvent Recycling Machine Benefits

Each solvent recycler can be programmed to recycle a broad range of solvents. You don’t need to wait a year for an ROI. Solvent recycling benefits begin immediately, as do the associated environmental and regulatory compliance benefits. Solvent recycling provides cost savings through reductions in:

1. Re-use

Purchases of new solvents due to re-use of existing solvent

2. Lower costs

The associated handling costs for waste disposal.

Storage space

Storage costs of both solvents and wastes.