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SolventRS Has Partnered With Access Capital To Offer Financing

You can fill out an application on their website or download the pdf and submit to Brian Sardina via email or fax (714) 464-5342. understands that your equipment is an investment in your business. That’s why we have partnered with Access Capital to help you obtain fast, competitive financing.

Investing in new equipment, machinery, or upgrades is part of running a business. Your company’s productivity, profit margins, and bottom line depend on it. But purchasing new equipment can also put a strain on budgets for small to mid-sized businesses. In many cases, specialized machines and equipment require a significant investment upfront, and the return on investment can take months or years to materialize.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to choose between operational improvements and profitability. In many cases, financing equipment makes more sense than delaying the purchase. Financing to invest sooner, instead of putting it off, can be the sound choice to help your business obtain the state-of-the-art equipment without tying up valuable cash.

Compared to traditional banks, equipment financing & leasing provides the following benefits:

  • Quick Approval Process – Credit approval within 24 Hours “Application Only Program”
  • 100% Financing – Arrange 100% financing that allows you to bundle the equipment purchase, delivery, and installation along with other soft costs into a single easy-to-manageable solution
  • Customize your terms – Competitive fixed pricing & terms to meet your cash flow for both tradition & non-traditional credits
  • Section 179 Tax Advantage – All of our programs qualify for the Section 179 Tax Deduction
  • NO Sales Tax – If the supplier/vendor is not required to collect tax in your state

At Access Capital, nearly every business can qualify through their traditional and non-traditional financing programs for those who have good and bad credit. As a “Direct Lender,” they offer flexible terms typically ranging 24 – 72 months that require either 1 or 2 payments due at signing that are applied to the term of the agreement. Also, they have other customizable payment programs available such as zero advanced payments, 90-day deferrals, and season payment programs.