Rotary Drum Parts Cleaning Systems

The MAGIDO rotary drum parts washers are perfect for continuous cleaning & drying of high volume, small parts when part-on-part contact is acceptable. In operation, as parts auger through the machine’s processing drum they are first submerged in cleaning solution, spray-washed, then submerged in an optional rinse water and spray rinsed, followed by an optional heated drying stage. These units are a complete feed-thru operation, which allows for parts to be automatically fed directly from the wash/rinse section to the optional rotary drying stage.

Standard Features Include:
Stainless steel construction
PLC With HMI Operator Screen
Automatic Drive Motor
Heated Wash Stage
Stainless Steel Pump
Stainless Steel Heating Elements
Stainless Steel Exhaust Fan
Automatic Water Fill & Fluid Level Sensor
Removable Tank Access Panels
Marine Style Cleanout Hatch
Tank & Cabinet Insulation

Available Options:
Heated Rinse Stage
Oil Water Separator
Oil Skimmer
Air Knife Blow-Off
Heated Dryer
Steam/Mist Collector
Automatic Chemical Proportioning System
Stack Light Tower

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