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SRS has been offering a wide range of industrial cabinets, sandblasting rooms and automated surface treatment systems for over 25+ years. Our expertise extends to the design of machines in continuous operation and the integration of automation components.

We have worked with major players as well as smaller-sized enterprises in an array of industries. Browse below to find out more about the equipment dedicated to your sector.

Aerospace & Aviation

Surface treatment products for the aerospace industry

We’re privileged to offer solutions to renowned, international manufacturers and subcontractors in the aerospace industry.



Surface treatment equipment for the automotive industry

SRS designs and manufactures sandblasting systems for the automotive industry to accommodate a variety of vehicles including large trailers and buses. Smaller designs include suction-type, manually operated cabinets for cleaning disc brakes and other parts, with an integrated system to recover and recycle used abrasive. Larger sandblasting rooms use pneumatic or screw systems for sandblasting large or over-sized vehicles.


Construction & Civil Engineering

Portable sandblasters for the construction industry

Whether standard or customized, SRS manufactures a complete line of portable sandblasting units with remote controls, blasting guns, hoses, nozzles, ventilated hoods and more – everything to meet the needs of the professional contractor. SRS portable sandblasters prepare your project for new surface protection, erasing the ravages of time from buildings, bridges, antennas and wind turbines.


Energy & Environment

Maintenance equipment for energy production

SRS proudly offers the blasting equipment to facilitate and automate the cleaning and maintenance of the industrial equipment used.

Today, SRS continues to design and manufacture blasting equipment for the specific needs of the energy industry.


Foundry & Forge

Foundry and Forge

IST manufactures a wide range of sandblasting cabinets and rooms for foundries. Our expertise extends to the design of machines in continuous operation and to integration of automated and manual turntables for optimizing processes.

For any semi-automated or fully automated robotic applications, IST is there with a variety of automation techniques.



General Manufacturing


SRS provides tough, dependable, high-performance surface treatment equipment that’s designed to stand up to the rigors of industrial environments.

We design and manufacture top quality automated and semi-automated pneumatic sandblast systems with capabilities customized to your needs – from continuous or intermittent turntable cabinets to computer-controlled machines for unique production processes.



Surface treatment equipment for military vehicles

SRS has developed a unique, automated treatment process that extends the longevity of motors used in extreme conditions. Our technology harnesses the blasting force of water combined with aluminum oxide to create the anchoring profile for the application of plating on titanium engine turbo blade thrusters.

Further, SRS offers sandblasting rooms for complete cleaning of military equipment and vehicles being prepared for, or returning from missions. The quality and performance of our machines and equipment live up to high level military standards.


Railway & Mass Transit

Sandblasting processes for the railway industry

Construction of the transcontinental railway in the United States and Canada changed the face of North America and made way for exponential growth and prosperity. Trains are still a prime transportation choice and an economically efficient way to move freight. SRS expertly employs newly developed methods of sandblasting to improve braking systems on trains.



Surface treatment equipment for shipyards

SRS uses cutting edge technology to meet the specialized needs of the shipyard industry, including surface treatment equipment for offshore merchant marine vessels, national defense and heavy industries.

We also offer industrial equipment to repair and improve a wide variety of buildings, offshore drilling platforms and rigs, semi-submersible drilling platforms, oil tankers, container ships, fishing vessels, bulk carriers, naval vessels and ferries.


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