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Spray Gun Washer GWA 200

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ISTpaint Spray Gun Washers offer a hybrid solution for both solvent and/or waterborne paint equipment cleaning in one system and are versatile for all types of paint equipment cleaning.

Make quick color changes and get ready for the next pain job in no time !

  • Automatic wash station allows quick color changes and efficient spray gun interior and exterior cleaning
  • Manual wash station is ergonomically designed for deep cleaning of disassembled guns and reusable
  • Manual clean rinse for better cleaning results and ultimately higher quality jobs

ISTpaint Spray Gun Washers offer improved efficiency, advanced ergonomics and superior warranty.




Key Benefits

  •  All-in-one solution : Versatile systems designed for cleaning gravity fed and suction* paint guns, PPS, and
    other disposable cup adapters
  • High efficiency : High fluid delivery with low pump air consumption
  • Durable system : Build with robust and corrosion-free stainless steel material, and supplied with long-term
    warranty (parts 2 years / pump 5 years)
  • Easy Locate System ensures any types of gravity or suction fed guns are locked in place for optimal wash
    and protects the airside from exposure to fluid that could damage it

* Except GWM 100 and GWMA 700

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