Solvent Recycler Bags

Solvent Recycling Systems' universal recycler bags are available at a fraction of the cost of manufacturer solvent recycler bags, and can support any solvent recycler in the market. Recycling bags help to reduce the amount of work required to dispose of still bottoms — the hazardous waste by-product of solvent recycling. Proper disposition of still bottoms is necessary in order to meet federal RCRA hazardous waste regulations.

We will help you select the correct recycling bags or liners for your application — including dimensions, material thickness, and temperature and chemical resistance. Our solvent recovery bags are processed in batch (6 gallon, 30 gallon, 60 gallon, or more) and can handle high temperature environments typically in excess of 400 degrees F without melting, perfect for high-solid (HS) contaminated solvent applications (i.e., paint, ink, etc.).

We can support any quantity of solvent recovery liners and bags required, regardless of how often you operate your solvent recycling machine, or if you are a distributor or supplier.

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