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Solvent Recyclers

Eliminate Waste, Save Money.

Our on-site distillation systems provide a cost-effective solution for safely recycling solvents and other hazardous chemicals from industrial processes. Our systems are easy-to-use, require low maintenance and will significantly reduce your solvent purchasing and hazardous waste disposal costs.

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Before and after pictures of Solvent Recycling

Solvent Recycler Advantages

  • Durable: Built with robust, corrosion-free stainless-steel tanks.
  • Cost-effective: Most of our clients have achieved a return on investment (ROI) in as little as 4 to 12 months
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free: Require low maintenance and supervision, a simple 4-hour maintenance routine every 2,000 hours of operation.
  • Fully Automated Process: Operate on a fully automated process assisted by a PLC with predetermined parameter settings and built-in alarm signals.
  • Certified in North America: Certified to UL standard 2208 and CSA C22.2 No. 30 in Canada and the U.S. for class I, Div.1, Group D hazardous locations, and meets NFPA codes 30, 33, 70.
  • Guaranteed: Backed up by industry’s leading 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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