Aqueous Parts Washers

Aqueous parts washers and cleaning is ideal for the professional shop, our aqueous based parts washers will clear away oil, grease, and grime for your facility.

There are two basic approaches to aqueous cleaning: batch processing and continuous processing. Solvent Recycling Systems offers both continuous and batch processing to meet the production levels your company requires. In general, continuous processing is a better choice for high production levels, while batch processing is more labor-intensive and requires an operator — sufficient for moderate and lower production level.

How Batch Processing Works

The parts are loaded into the washer in batches. A cleaning operation (washing, rinsing, drying) must be completed for a batch before another operation can be started.

How Continuous Processing Works

Parts are loaded continuously into the washer system and are moved through the cleaning system by a conveyor type system. Continuous systems are not labor-intensive, so the washer would not need an operator at all times.

Our specialty Build-All Corporation aqueous parts washing systems uses the most innovative chemistry that rids of rust and eliminates oxidation on your most important pieces of equipment.

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