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Blast Wheel Long Life Multi Option Sm@rt Wheel

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The basis of the ir sm@rt wheel is the same regardless of the quality level. The main difference is in the service life time of the wearing components. The structure of quality level is a set of all wearing parts, providing a certain service life of the wheel without maintenance.

ir sm@rt wheel design allows the installatlon of many different types of blades, impellers, control cages and shields. This enables you to put together a wheel that will best suit technical characteristic, service life and price. All parts are interchangeable and compatible.



ir sm@rt wheel offers you a large selection of components, different according to quality and technical characteristics. All parts are interchangeable, which means for example: straight i blade made from wear resistant cast steel can be later replaced with curved r blade made from tungsten carbide, which enables up to 30 % higher outlet speed and 8 to 16 times longer service life.

Blast pattern can be adjusted for different purposes: blasting of work pieces, constructions, shot peening, etc. Desired blast pattern can be achieved by changing the geometry of control cage. Achieved results are significantly better and this also means energy savings.

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