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One of the most difficult forms of corrosion to detect and prevent is corrosion under insulation (CUI), which occurs when moisture and corrosive agents penetrate the insulation layer of pipelines. CUI can cause severe damage to the pipeline material, leading to leaks, ruptures, and even explosions. In this article, we will discuss how CUI happens, why it is a serious problem, and how it can be solved with innovative corrosion solutions from Cortec®.

Solution To Corrosion Under Insulation

CorroLogic® CUI Inhibitor is a solvent-based Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor formula that can be injected at intervals into existing insulation and allowed to migrate to the pipeline surface. Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors are attracted to metal, allowing them to form a molecular protective layer at the pipeline/insulation interface. CorroLogic® CUI Inhibitor can be used on pipelines that reach temperatures as high as 338°F (170°C). For even hotter pipelines, workers may apply CorroLogic® CUI Inhibitor Injection, which is thermally stable up to 600+ °F [316+ °C]. As an added sustainability benefit, this formula contains 100% USDA certified biobased content.

Insulated pipelines present the irony of solving one problem only to create another. CorroLogic® CUI Inhibitors are here to provide a logical solution to the dilemma with a corrosion inhibitor that can be applied without significantly disturbing the insulation. Contact Cortec® to learn more about this exciting solution to combating CUI on insulated oil and gas pipelines.

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