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Rotary Immersion Parts Washing Systems

MAGIDO Platinum Series is a cleaning system for critical parts with complex geometry. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  • The system is designed with separate wash/rinse stages that deliver direct spray impingement, hydraulic purging through immersion, and rotational agitation.
  • Each process stage has an independent fluid tank, high-speed drain actuator, circulation pump, and spray manifold to minimize potential cross-contamination.
  • Standard features include stainless steel construction, PLC & HMI operator screen, automatic drive motor, heated wash & rinse stages, stainless steel pumps, heating elements, and exhaust fan, automatic water fill & fluid level sensor, removable tank access panels, marine style cleanout hatch, and tank & cabinet insulation.
  • Available options include filtration, oil-water separator, oil skimmer, air knife blow-off, heated dryer, steam/mist collector, automatic chemical proportioning system, stack light tower, and drain pump.

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