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Rotary Table Blaster

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Rotary Table Blasters are inexpensive sandblast systems designed to process a small batch of parts of various shapes and sizes. The key advantages of this system include its simple operating principle and its flexibility, since workpieces within a batch can differ in shape and size.

  • Low initial cost.
  • Equipment has a small footprint.
  • Simple operating principle.
  • Can process several pieces at a time (batch cycle).
  • Fully automated and tuneable process.
  • Low-maintenance.
  • Easy-to-operate automated system, simply load the part and start the timer.



How It Works

Parts are loaded on a motorized turntable and exposed to the blast stream for a predetermined cycle time. Nozzles can be fixed on a support, a moving shaft, or mounted on a rotary head to provide optimal blast coverage all over the workpiece surface.

Key Features

  • Custom Design and Fabrication: Each system is tailored to the customer’s specifications to address all process constraints and for optimal results and productivity.
  • Personalized Process: Personalize your process by varying abrasive media, blast nozzle size, blasting pressure, table rotation speed, and blasting cycle time.
  • Fully Automated Cycle: Process sequences are controlled by PLC and interfaced with an intuitive HMI touch panel.
  • Baghouse Dust Collector: Choose from a range of high-efficiency baghouse dust collectors for both optimal blasting performance and minimizing wear and tear on critical components.
  • Media Reclaiming System: Cyclonic separation of contaminated abrasive media for optimal performance – dust and by-products are diverted to the dust collector.
  • Electricity: Available in all voltages and frequencies.
  • Compliance: Design and door switches comply with OSHA requirements and most local safety jurisdictions.
  • Parts Cleaning: Automatic blow-off cycle to remove all dust and contaminants from the freshly-blasted parts.
  • Liner Protection: Rubber lining protection on the inner wall, rotating table, and media reclaimer for extended service life.
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