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32-Gallon Batch Solvent Recycler

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  • Reduce solvent purchases by up to 90%.
  • Cut waste disposal costs by 90% or more.
  • Eliminate EPA Manifest paperwork.
  • Eliminate “cradle-to-grave” hazardous waste disposal liability.
  • Reduce or eliminate hazardous waste generator status.

Commonly Recycled Solvents: Mineral spirits, IPA, Paint Booth Line Flush, Lacquer Thinner, etc.




Introducing the IST Surface SR120V 32-Gallon Batch Solvent Recycler: Your Ultimate Solution for Efficient and Eco-Friendly Solvent Management!

SR120 Key Features: Eliminate a waste stream, save money

  1. Smart Solvent Recycling:
    • The SR120 is a medium-capacity, 32-Gallon batch-type solvent recycler designed for industrial companies with solvent based parts washing, paint booths, or general manufacturing.
    • It’s your go-to solution for reclaiming used solvents and hazardous chemicals on-site.
    • PLC allows easy adjustments to time and temperature settings.
  2. Fully Automated Distillation Process:
    • The SR120 processes 32 gallons of used solvent at a time. Each cycle takes 4-6 hours, and recovery rate is typically 80% or higher.
    • 2-3 cycles per day can be run depending on operating hours.
    • Lights-out processing is common.
    • Recycled solvent is just as effective as virgin solvent. Distillation only removes contaminants.
  3. Safety First:
    • Explosion-proof mechanisms ensure safe operation. Certified to QPS Class 1 Division 1 as standard.
    • 24-month warranty
    • Ergonomically designed to control and eliminate harmful vapors, the SR30 prioritizes user safety.

Benefits: SR120 Solvent Recycler

  • Cost Savings:
  • Environmental Responsibility:
    • Reclaiming solvents on-site minimizes environmental impact.
    • IST Pure’s distillation process produces clean, distilled solvents ready for reuse.
    • Reduce or eliminate generator status.
  • Easy Installation:
    • Ultra-compact design allows installation in authorized locations.
    • Whether in electronics, manufacturing, or maintenance, the SR120 fits seamlessly into your workflow.

How It Works:

  1. Vacuum System:
    • Equipped with a vacuum, the SR120 efficiently recycles cleaning solvents.
    • Solvent mixture is heated, turned into a vapor, cooled down and returned to liquid form, waste is left behind for disposal.
  2. Automated Distillation:
    • The SR120 performs manual or fully automated distillation processes.
    • Clean, distilled solvents are ready for subsequent applications.
  3. Safety Measures:
    • Explosion-proof features ensure secure operation.
    • ISTpure’s commitment to safety extends to every detail.

Take Control of Your Solvent Management:

Choose the IST Surface SR120 Solvent Recycler for a cleaner, greener, and more cost-effective approach to solvent recycling. Request a quote today and make a positive impact on your business and the environment! 🌿🌎

Learn more about the SR120 on the official IST International Surface Technologies website




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