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Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blasting KTP Series

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The machine is designed for shot blasting of castings, welded constructions and cold or hot transformed parts of demanding shapes.
The weight of workpieces can be from 2.2 lb to 220 lb, or more, made in medium and large series.
The workpieces are placed on horizontal mesh belt conveyor, which leads through the blasting machine.
The robust housing of the machine is in the blasting part protected with wear-resistant shields made of manganese steel.
On the machine are installed ir sm@rt multioption wheels, which are the product of Gostol TST knowledge.
Shot blasting machine, which is intended for cleaning castings with remains of foundry sand and cores, is equipped with a vibration conveyor with a sieve and a magnetic cleaner of blasting media.



Treated objects are placed on horizontal network conveyor going through the shot blasting machine. In the process of shot blasting the treated objects move through jets of shot blasting agent from turbines, which are installed at different angles with regard to direction of the movement which provides efficient treatment.

The machine’s housing is protected by wear resistant manganese steel. High efficiency of the machine is enabled by the system for continued returning and cleaning of the shot blasting agent, along with efficient shot blasting turbines made from wear-resistant materials.

The shot blasting machine’s size, number and power of shot blasting turbines, length of network rail conveyor on the treated object’s loading and unloading site, capacity of the conveyor and frequency regulation of turbine’s revolutions are done in accordance with the needs and specifications of the buyer.

The shot blasting machine intended for cleaning casts having remains of casting sand and cores are equipped with a vibration conveyor with a sieve and a magnetic cleaner of the shot blasting agent.