Solvent Recovery

When solvents become contaminated or dirty, they require careful distillation and recycling. Proper solvent recovery and recycling is not only essential to the environment, it's critical for your business — reducing the need for new solvent production can can substantially reduce your waste management costs.

With Solvent Recycling Systems, 98% of your solvent/chemical waste disposed of ends up reused. We help you accomplish this by increasing the efficiency of degreasing and cleaning operations through our patented solvent distillation equipment.

Cost savings are immediate and substantial: Greatly reduce the volumes of solvents, associated handling costs for waste removal, and unnecessary storage costs for both fresh solvent and waste solvent.

The reduction in waste generation can make a critical difference in an operation's compliance status, often keeping levels low enough to reduce or prevent the need for additional paperwork, recordkeeping, and reporting.

We can help you achieve true value from your contaminated solvents.

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