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About Solvent Recycling Systems

Since 2006, Solvent Recycling Systems has revolutionized how solvents are purchased, used and reused.
At Solvent Recycling Systems, we provide a better and more sustainable model for solvent re-use and recycling. Our equipment is adaptable and durable enough to handle basic to complex manufacturing wastes while remaining easy to use and cost-efficient. Our solvent recovery equipment can recycle virtually any solvent used in a wide variety of applications.
Cost savings are immediate and substantial: Greatly reduce the volumes of solvents, associated handling costs for waste removal, and unnecessary storage costs for both fresh solvent and waste solvent.
The reduction in waste generation can make a critical difference in an operation’s compliance status, often keeping levels low enough to reduce or prevent the need for additional paperwork, recordkeeping, and reporting.
We can help you achieve true value from your contaminated solvents.