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Corwipe® 500 Industrial Cleaning Wipe with Corrosion Protection



  • 25 wipes per container
  • 12 canisters per carton
  • Price per carton


Introducing the Cortec Corwipe® 500 Industrial Cleaning Wipe with corrosion protection—a revolutionary solution designed to keep your equipment pristine and corrosion-free. Whether you’re in electronics, manufacturing, or maintenance, Corwipe® 500 offers unbeatable benefits:

Key Features: Industrial cleaning wipe with corrosion protection

  1. Effective Rust and Dirt Removal:
    • Corwipe® 500 wipes away light rust, grease, oil, and dust with ease.
    • Say goodbye to stubborn contaminants that compromise your equipment’s performance.
  2. Antistatic Properties:
    • The wipe leaves behind a protective antistatic film.
    • When properly grounded, this static dissipative film drains charges and reduces triboelectric voltage to less than 300 volts.
    • Safeguard sensitive electronics without causing ESD damage.
  3. Thin VpCI® Film:
    • Corwipe® 500 also deposits a thin layer of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) on metal surfaces.
    • This invisible shield provides anti-corrosion protection for several weeks.
    • Unlike harmful insulating barriers, the VpCI® film ensures optimal performance.

Additional Benefits:

  • Versatile Application:
    • Use Corwipe® 500 on various surfaces, including rubber, synthetic materials, vinyl, painted surfaces, plexiglass, and glass.
    • It’s your go-to wipe for all-around cleaning and protection.
  • Peace of Mind During Shipping and Storage:
    • Corwipe® 500 keeps your equipment corrosion-free during transit and storage.
    • No more worries about rust or damage caused by environmental factors.
  • Less Frequent Maintenance:
    • With long-lasting corrosion protection, you’ll reduce maintenance cycles.
    • Save time, labor, and materials while ensuring equipment longevity.

How to Use: Corwipe 500

  1. Grab a Corwipe® 500 wipe.
  2. Clean surfaces, removing rust, grease, and dust.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of antistatic protection and VpCI® corrosion inhibition.

Take Advantage of Cortec® VpCI® Technologies:

The benefits of corrosion protection are within reach. Explore our collection of strong non-woven wipes for cleaning electronics, antistatic solutions, and more. Trust Cortec® to keep your equipment running smoothly and extend its lifespan.

Learn more about Corwipe® 500 on the official Cortec Electricorr website. Your equipment deserves the best—choose Corwipe® 500 for superior cleaning and corrosion prevention!

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