SSWH1630 Stainless Steel Sink on Drum

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Stainless Steel Sink on Drum SSWH1630 Features

  • Fusible Linked Gas Spring Assisted Fire Cover for Safety
  • Loc-Line Style Acetal Flex Nozzle
  • Flow Thru Cleaning Brush Assembly
  • Flow Regulating Valve to Direct Liquid Flow
  • Stainless Steel Crumb Cup with Stainless Steel Filter Strainer
  • Dual Mounting Rings Fit Either 16 or 30 Gallon Drum
    (drum not included, model shown with 30 gallon drum)
  • Available options
    • LED Light
    • Drum Heater
    • 30 Gallon Plastic Drum
    • Filtration System
    • Aqueous degreaser concentrate


Solvent Free Parts Cleaner SSWH1630

Inside Tub Dimensions
Sill Height
Solution Capacity
Tub Construction
Pump Capacity
Heating System
Electrical Requirements

32″L x 20″W x 8″D
35″ / 37.5″*
14 / 25 gallons*
16-gauge 304 Stainless Steel
300 GPH

* Based Upon Mounting on Either 16- or 30-Gallon Drum