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EcoAir VpCI 422 Non-Toxic Rust Remover



  • 14 fl. oz per bottle
  • 12 cans per carton
  • Price per carton

VpCI®-422 is an organic rust remover that effectively removes rust and tarnish from various metals, including steel, iron, copper, brass, chrome, and aluminum.

• Biodegradable, organic rust remover
• Multi-metal rust protection
• Environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable




  • Cortec EcoAir VpCI-422 offers mult-imetal protection while removing rust from steel, iron, copper, brass, and chrome. It removes rust and stains without polluting and is approved for use by the USDA.
  • EcoAir is a major step forward in aerosol technology introduced by Cortec. It provides aerosol products that are powered by compressed air and not by traditional chemical propellants. This technology is innovative because the product is filled into a four-layer Mylar EcoPouch which is inserted into the can.
  • The major advantages of EcoAir technology are that it is nonflammable, can spray in any direction, does not contaminate the product with propellant, and is safer to ship and store with very low or no environmental impact.
  • EcoSpray products, part of the EcoAir line, are safe for the environment, storage, and the user. They do not contain 1,1,1 trichloroethane, methylene chloride, or chlorinated solvents.
  • EcoSpray products are packaged in recyclable aluminum cans.

The product comes in a 14 oz. package, with a shipping weight of 1.3 lbs. The Cortec Product Code is 35860807.


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