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EcoAir VpCI-422 Non-Toxic Rust Remover



  • 14 fl. oz per bottle,12 cans per carton
  • Price per carton
  • Biodegradable, organic rust remover
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-flammable




EcoAir® VpCI-422 Non-Toxic Rust Remover

Product Description: EcoAir® VpCI-422 is a water-based, non-toxic rust remover that effectively tackles rust while safeguarding your valuable metals. Whether you’re dealing with steel, iron, copper, brass, or chrome, this versatile solution offers multi-metal protection. Let’s dive into the details:

Key Features: VpCI-422

  1. Biodegradable and Organic:
    • Utilizing renewable technology, EcoAir® VpCI-422 contains an impressive 92% USDA certified biobased content.
    • It’s eco-friendly and won’t harm the environment.
    • Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and embrace a greener approach to rust removal.
  2. Non-Flammable and Operator Friendly:
    • EcoAir® VpCI-422 is packaged in an air-powered spray can, making it easy to apply without any risk of fire.
    • Minimal personal protective equipment is needed, ensuring operator safety.
    • Unlike traditional rust removers, it doesn’t emit caustic fumes or hazardous acids.
  3. Effective Rust Removal:
    • Say farewell to stubborn rust stains. EcoAir® VpCI-422 removes corrosion from metal surfaces without creating waste disposal difficulties.
    • It’s gentle yet powerful, leaving your metals clean and ready for further use.

Package Size: VpCI-422

  • 14 oz. (397 g) per can


  • Removes rust and stains without polluting the environment.

Approved for Direct Disposal:

  • EcoAir® 422 is approved for direct disposal in the North Sea, meeting stringent environmental standards.

How to Use: VpCI-422

  1. Shake the VpCI-422 can well.
  2. Spray VpCI-422 directly onto rusted areas.
  3. Allow the solution to work for a few minutes.
  4. Wipe away the rust with a cloth or brush.
  5. Enjoy rust-free surfaces!

Ideal for:

  • Home use
  • Automotive applications
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Marine equipment

Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Rust Removal:

Choose EcoAir® VpCI 422 for effective, non-toxic rust removal that cares for your metals and the planet. Your rust woes will be a thing of the past!

Learn more about EcoAir® VpCI 422 on the official Cortec Corporation website.


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