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 VpCI®-137 Foam Roll Emitter



Cortec VpCI-137 foam rolls are a corrosion protection solution for various metal surfaces. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  • Cortec VpCI-137 foam rolls are made using a unique, flexible packaging that combines VpCI protection, cushioning, and desiccant action. It also has excellent antistatic capabilities.
  • The foam is impregnated with VpCIs (Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors) and emits vapors which form a molecular layer on internal metal surfaces to protect critical, complex, and expensive equipment during operation, shipping, or storage.
  • The foam is easy to use: simply cut the foam to fit your needs. The foam protects up to 10 cubic feet per square foot.
  • The foam is lightweight and recyclable. Protected parts can be used immediately without the need for degreasing or cleaning.

It protects a variety of metals, including Aluminum, Brass, Carbon Steels, Copper, Galvanized Steel, Solder, Silver, and Zinc.

Each roll measures 130’ long x 54″ wide x 1/4″ thick. The shipping weight is 50 lbs. The Cortec Product Code is 10502650.


  • 132″ x 54″ x .25″ Foam Roll with VpCI
  • Foam can be cut into smaller segments
  • Price per roll

Cortec® VpCI®-130 Series Foams are unique flexible packaging
materials that combine VpCI® protection, and desiccant action;
plus excellent antistatic capabilities all in one step! You can now
eliminate expensive and messy rust preventatives with VpCI®-130
Series Foams. Parts protected are always ready for use; no degreasing or coating removal is required. Application of multifunctional
materials such as VpCI®-130 Series Foams results in significant
weight and labor savings.
Metal parts packaged with VpCI®-130 Series Foams receive
continuous protection against humidity, condensation, aggressive industrial atmospheres, dissimilar metal corrosion (galvanic
corrosion), salt air, and residual impurities left after processing.
National Stock Number:
Cortec® VpCI®-130 Series Foams are specially designed withVapor
phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI®) impregnated throughout the
foam’s polymeric matrix. They are excellent for protection of ferrous, non-ferrous metals, and alloys such as: steel, copper, brass,
aluminum, zinc, solder, silver, etc. VpCI®-130 Series Foams do not
change critical physical and/or chemical properties of electronic
components, and are suitable for protection of printed circuit

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Weight 62 lbs

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