Can I recycle toluene solvent?

Yes. Solvent Recycling Systems can recover toluene solvent from previously spent solvents.

What is toluene?

Toluene is an organic solvent that has the chemical formula C7H8 that belongs to the aromatic hydrocarbon family. Toluene is a common ingredient in degreasers and is used as a solvent in many applications including rubber, ink, paint, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals. Toluene can be added to gasoline fuels as an octane booster, is found naturally in crude oil, and is used in oil refining and the manufacturing of paints, lacquers, explosives (TNT) and glues. Toluene may also be found in paint thinners, paintbrush cleaners, nail polish, glues, inks and stain removers.

There is a great deal of environmental responsibility to properly recycle and/or dispose of toluene. When toluene is spilled on the ground or improperly disposed of, it a major soil contaminant. Toluene can remain unchanged for a long time in soil or water that is not in contact with air.

Reduce Your Toluene Solvent Waste with IoT-enabled Solvent Recyclers

In the face of growing regulations and EPA reporting rules, many facilities have to look at removing any additional operating costs when it comes to toluene solvent recycling. Solvent Recycling Systems is unique in that there is no fee for installation, technology, shipping, or training. We offer affordable, on-site toluene solvent recovery for facilities of all sizes. Whether you need to process solvent wastes with a 1-gallon or 60-gallon still, you'll always be processing to your facility's waste stream.

You only pay for the solvents that are recovered from your waste; we also offer lease and single-use options for batch processing requirements. A low- to mid sized manufacturer should reap the benefits of on-site recycling too.

For a large list of recyclable solvent wastes, click here.

Demo a solvent recycling system for 2 weeks, free of charge.

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