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If you’re looking to reduce the amount of solvent waste in your facility, there are several benefits to on-site recycling with a solvent distillation unit over using a third party solvent waste removal service. Maintaining efficient operations requires a clean solvent, but the purchase and proper disposal of process solvents off-site may not be in your best interest, depending on the batch requirements. During manufacturing, the contaminated solvent may be considered a hazardous solvent waste. When you use a third party disposal service to handle this solvent waste, you expose your facility to costly EPA compliance paperwork and unnecessary legal exposure.

Benefits of On-site Solvent Distillation

If you’re in the process of deciding if on-site solvent distillation is right for your business, there are 3 core benefits to utilizing an in-house solvent distillation unit over a third party disposal service.

  1. Cost Reduction

An on-site solvent distillation and recovery unit can provide huge economic benefits to the right facility. The units have the capacity to process hundreds of gallons of solvents continuously, ultimately reducing the number of new solvents that you need to purchase. The cost of frequent off-site solvent recycling, plus the expected regulatory and legal paperwork, far outweighs the cost of an on-site solvent recycling unit. It is estimated that an on-site recycler is an investment that can reduce solvent disposal costs by 20–30%. Find out if your facility would benefit from an on-site solvent recycler.

  1.  Conservation

Solvent recycling on-site not only reduces your solvent disposal costs, chemical purchases and the need for storage, it also reduces your environmental impact. Hazardous waste is difficult to dispose of and threatens both the environment and public safety. On-site recycling can help your facility stay compliant and avoid environmental hazards, protect scarce natural resources, and reduce the nation’s reliance on raw materials and energy.

  1. Regulatory Compliance

The handling and disposal of hazardous waste is heavily legislated by the EPA. If your solvent waste disposal doesn’t follow the EPA’s cradle-to-grave hazardous waste management system, there are repercussions.

Implementing an on-site recycling and recovery program will reduce your production of hazardous waste while showing your support of green initiatives.

Why choose Solvent Recycling Systems for your on-site solvent distillation?

  1. SRS’ solvent recovery equipment is adaptable, durable and can handle basic to complex manufacturing wastes, recycling 98% of your spent solvent.
  2. Solvent recovery equipment can recycle virtually any solvent used in a wide variety of applications.
  3. Cost savings are immediate and substantial, resulting from reductions in: purchases of new solvents and the associated handling costs for disposing of waste storage costs for both fresh solvent and waste solvent.
  4. The reduction in waste generation can make a critical difference in an operation’s compliance status, often keeping levels low enough to reduce or prevent the need for additional paperwork, record keeping, and reporting.
  5. Solvent Recycling Systems can supplement solvent loss with virgin solvent to create a complete chemical management program.


At Solvent Recycling Systems, we provide a better and more sustainable model for solvent re-use and recycling. Our equipment is adaptable and durable enough to handle basic to complex manufacturing wastes while remaining easy to use and cost-efficient. Our solvent recovery equipment can recycle 98% of virtually any spent solvent used in a wide variety of applications.

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