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AQUACLAR is a water-clarifying bacteria/enzyme by Bionetix International designed to blend with clean polluted water, offering a natural solution for wastewater treatment and water quality improvement. 

Bionetix releases AQUACLAR to improve water quality

Since wastewater lagoons and ponds get dirty and smelly over time because of waste buildup, and small lakes and ponds have the challenge of nutrient pollution that causes algae growth, AQUACLAR is developed to be efficient in cleaning small lakes, ponds, canals, and fish farms, contributing to wastewater treatment. 

It lowers toxicity by allowing the separation of heavy metals and ammonia, which is a significant step towards water quality improvement.

“These non-pathogenic bacteria and accompanying enzymes improve water clarity by digesting and consuming nutrients that cause algae growth,” said in a press release from the parent company, Cortec Canada, highlighting its role in wastewater treatment.

The company says the benefits of AQUACLAR for water quality improvement are: lower BOD/COD, breakdown of fecal and other organic waste, less TSS and organic sludge, fewer malodors and nitrogen removal.

For applications that need a higher level of power and effectiveness in wastewater treatment, Bionetix has an extra-strength version called AQUACLAR PLUS, which contains five billion colony-forming units per gram (50 times more than the 100 million CFU/g of regular AQUACLAR), enhancing water quality improvement.

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