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Concrete protection and corrosion control just got easier with Cortec’s MCI® Surface Applied!

MCI® Surface Applied Corrosion Control for Concrete

MCI® Surface AppliedCortec® is pleased to present its newly updated “MCI® Surface Applied” brochure, which highlights surface applied corrosion inhibitors (SACIs) for concrete. MCI® SACIs are primarily designed  to help existing concrete structures stand the test of time by fighting the enemy of corrosion. The new brochure takes a fresh look at why and how this can be done, emphasizing corrosion control and concrete protection.

One of the best parts of the updated brochure is the new explanation of SACIs that goes into greater detail on the differences between various MCI® SACIs and where they can be used. To illustrate the distinction between MCI®-2018 and MCI®-2020, new graphics show how MCI®-2018 both repels water and sends Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors toward the rebar surface, while MCI®-2020 does not repel water but allows a higher concentration of Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors to infiltrate the concrete pores, enhancing corrosion control.

Another highlight of the brochure is two case history summaries: the Pentagon wall restoration and the protection of the Pelješac Bridge. These significant projects used MCI®-2020 V/O and MCI®-2018, respectively, in conjunction with other protective materials to enhance structural service life in the face of challenges such as carbonation (Pentagon) and a seawater environment (Pelješac). Since corrosion problems are tricky and projects may benefit from additional protective materials, the brochure also shares several complementary products that can be used alongside SACIs for effective corrosion control and concrete protection. Finally, an updated product selection guide draws attention to some of the most popular MCI® SACIs, along with a few other selected surface treatments, all contributing to the overarching goal of concrete protection.

The new MCI® SACI brochure is a great resource for MCI® distributors, engineers, and contractors who need corrosion solutions for their concrete structures. 


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