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The hospitality industry naturally requires extensive cleaning to maintain fresh lodging and restaurant facilities. With the increasing availability of probiotic cleaning products, these cleaners, enhanced with microorganisms and enzymes, are an excellent choice to take hospitality cleaning services to the next level. Bionetix® International outlines several probiotic cleaning products that can help with general cleaning, laundry, odor control, and food waste, all while supporting society’s growing interest in sustainability.

Probiotic Cleaning Products for Hospitality Cleaning Services

Probiotics for General Cleaning

Carpeted and tiled floors throughout hotels and restaurants need frequent cleaning due to heavy traffic. Fortunately, ECO-CLEAN-ALL TABS™, a probiotic cleaning product, create an extremely efficient bio-detergent for these large-scale cleaning accounts. One tablet is easy to dissolve in a 500 mL spray bottle of water and use for standard cleaning purposes. What is not business-as-usual is the tablet’s powerful combination of biodegradable surfactants and probiotics, which digest grease, oil, protein, fat, starch, and other solid organic wastes. Even after application, the probiotics in this probiotic cleaning product continue digesting organic residues on a wide variety of surfaces including carpet, tile flooring, fabric, and upholstery. This extremely economical cleaning option is available in pails of 2,000 tablets to save on space, shipping costs, and plastic packaging. When custodians encounter difficult stains, they can turn to ECO STAIN-OFF™, a probiotic-/enzyme-based stain remover that works especially well on blood, milk, chocolate, dirt, grease, food, and tomato sauce stains. ECO STAIN-OFF™ can be used to spot clean a variety of textiles and hard surfaces or used as a laundry presoak.

Probiotics for Laundry

Another major hospitality responsibility is cleaning countless linens from guest rooms, bathrooms, and dining facilities. These industrial laundry operations may benefit from EN-Z-KLEAN™ when extra enzyme power is needed for heavy soil and grease stains. EN-Z-KLEAN™ Ultra goes one step farther by including probiotics that continue digesting residual waste in washing machines and drains after laundering. It also works well as a laundry presoak.

Probiotics for Fitness Centers

Fitness centers are an important amenity for hotel guests who need to keep in shape while away from home. One of the problems here is that abundant sweat and body odors can create a very unpleasant environment. With ECO-SCENT SPORT™, a probiotic cleaning product, these odors can not only be masked with a fresh scent but can also be neutralized thanks to two powerful natural odor neutralizers that capture odor-causing molecules. After initial treatment, ECO-SCENT SPORT™ leaves behind beneficial probiotics that continue fighting residual odors in lockers, on equipment, and around the fitness center.

Probiotics for Food Services

Many hotels have onsite restaurants or dining services challenged by excess food waste that overloads drains and grease traps and releases bad odors. Probiotic cleaning products are a great maintenance option here because they consume the all-too-common fats, oils, and greases (FOG) that accumulate. ECOTRAP™ is one such grease trap treatment that comes in the form of liquid, powder, or a slow-release block. In addition to microorganisms that accelerate the degradation of greasy kitchen wastes, it contains specialty additives that loosen and liquefy heavy grease deposits. It can be applied directly to the grease trap or added to floor drains. ECO-DRAIN™ is similar but primarily designed to keep drains and pipes flowing freely. It should be added to drains at the end of the day for best results.

Get in on the Benefits

As probiotic cleaning products continue gaining popularity, hotels and restaurants are in an excellent position to get in on their enhanced cleaning benefits in numerous areas. Contact Bionetix® for further assistance applying probiotics to the hospitality industry.

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