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32-Gallon Combination Rinse Tank and Parts Washer




  • RTFB32 Combination rinse tank and parts washer.
  • 32-Gallon solvent capacity for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Perfect for small to midsized parts, tools, engine components



Build-All RTFB32 Combination Rinse Tank and Parts Washer

The Build-All RTFB32 is a 32-Gallon Combination Rinse Tank and Parts Washer. It’s your versatile solution for efficient parts cleaning and degreasing. Whether you’re in the automotive industry, general manufacturing facilities, or transmission remanufacturing, this combination rinse tank and parts washer delivers exceptional performance.

Key Features: RTFB32

  1. Dual Functionality:
    • The RTFB32 serves as both a rinse tank and a parts washer. It’s like having two essential tools in one versatile unit.
  2. Petroleum-Based Solvent Cleaning:
    • Designed for heavy-duty cleaning, this unit utilizes petroleum-based solvents to tackle the toughest grease and grime.
    • Perfect for small to midsized parts, tools, and engine components.
  3. Robust Construction: 32-Gallon Combination Rinse Tank and Parts Washer
  • The RTFB32 includes a 32” x 22” x 18” deep tank with a gas shock lid-assist fire cover.
  • Heavy-duty formed mild steel legs provide stability during operation.
  • 1” NPT drain with plug ensures easy maintenance.
  • The externally mounted recirculating pump ensures thorough solvent circulation.
  • The metal flex hosebi-directional valve, and flow-through brush enhance cleaning effectiveness.


  • Automotive Shops: Keep your tools and parts clean and ready for use.
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Maintain machinery components and optimize performance.
  • Transmission Remanufacturing: Ensure precision and reliability in transmission parts.

Invest in quality, safety, and productivity with the Build-All RTFB32 Combination Rinse Tank and Parts Washer. Contact us at for pricing and availability.

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