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Imagine you have a valuable antique sword that you want to protect from rust, but you don’t want to coat it with anything. Traditional rust prevention methods often involve applying oils or waxes, which can alter the item’s appearance and reduce its value. Fortunately, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology offers a solution that keeps your collectibles safe from corrosion without leaving any residue. Below are some frequently asked questions about how Cortec VCI products can help preserve your precious items.

Will Cortec VCI products leave any coating on the surface of my items, and will they protect my item from rust?

Cortec VCI shields, cups, and strips do not leave any noticeable coating on your items. Unlike traditional rust prevention products, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) do not leave an oily or waxy coating on your collectibles. Instead of applying the product directly to the item, you only need to keep the shield, cup, or strip in an enclosed container with the item to be protected. The VCI technology will handle the rust prevention.

How does VCI technology work without leaving a coating?

VCI technology works by releasing corrosion-inhibiting vapors within an enclosed space. These vapors form a protective layer on the surface of your items, preventing rust without altering their appearance or usability.

Is this method suitable for items with collectible value?

Yes, items with collectible value are especially suitable for this method of protection. Since no surface coating is applied, the original appearance of the item remains unchanged, preserving its value and aesthetics.

Where can I use Cortec VCI products?

Cortec VCI products can be used in any enclosed space, such as display cases, storage boxes, or safes, making them ideal for protecting valuable collectibles.

By using Cortec VCI technology, you can ensure that your collectibles remain in pristine condition without the need for any surface coatings.

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