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Want to keep your guns bright and shiny? Look no further. Traditional rust prevention methods might leave residues that could affect your guns’ functionality and value. Fortunately, Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology offers a residue-free solution that ensures your firearms remain in pristine condition. Below are some frequently asked questions about how Cortec VCI products can help protect your valuable guns.

How can I protect my firearms from rust and corrosion when not used?

When your guns are not in use, rust and corrosion can become a concern. The best way to protect your guns is by using Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) in a gun cabinet or safe.

What is Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology, and how does it work?

VCI technology involves using a product like Cortec’s emitter. Simply place an emitter in your gun cabinet or safe, and it will create an environment that prevents rust and corrosion on your firearms.

What sizes do VCI emitters come in, and how do I choose the right one?

Cortec’s VCI emitters come in different sizes that easily adapt to your needs. Cortec’s VCl emitters are a perfect fit for any storage, from small tablets to adhesive-backed foam tape and pouches.

Do the guns need to be enclosed in a cabinet or safe to be protected from rust?

Yes, for the VCI technology to be effective, your guns must be stored in an enclosed area such as a cabinet, safe, or box.

How long do the VCI emitters last after opening?

Once opened and placed in a cabinet or safe, VCI emitters provide rust and corrosion protection for one year. After a year, simply replace the old emitter with a new one.

Protect your valuable investment by using VCI technology in a gun cabinet or safe, ensuring your firearms remain pristine even when not in use.

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