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Addressing “Process Validation” Bottlenecks in Cannabis Testing 

For the industry pioneers using cannabis testing equipment, being green is a challenge. Medical cannabis is legal in half the country, but many producers are struggling to navigate the new testing and licensure requirements. Regulators have created a system that positions the processing lab as the powerful gatekeepers that control what can and cannot enter the market.

Keeping a producer’s process free of contaminants and residual solvent waste has become a costly burden. “Process Validation” is being implemented by regulatory agencies in multiple legal cannabis states, and as a result, some producers and dispensaries are ready to consider moving in a different direction entirely, unable to spend the tens-of-thousands of dollars in upfront investment needed to adapt their businesses to new regulations.

How Your Cannabis Testing Equipment Can Reuse Solvent

Anyone that works in the legal cannabis industry knows about the solvent issue. Maintaining contaminant-free cannabis to stay compliant requires clean solvent (see state-to-state requirements). But purchasing virgin solvent for extraction can be expensive. Navigating new legislation, regulations, and standards is hard enough; having to incur unnecessary costs on solvent purchases makes the cost that much more unbearable.

With Solvent Recycling Systems’ solvent recyclers, you can recycle 98% of your solvent waste, continuously, right within your facility. Many of the solvents used in the extraction process—both halogenated and non-halogenated—can be recycled and re-used at the push of a button.

Easy-to-use IoT Solvent Recyclers

Our solvent recycling units to require little to no manual labor, using IoT-enabled technology. The solvent recyclers are unique in that they can take corrective action to avoid cannabis testing equipment downtime. This is made possible through the use of automated tank level monitoring that replenishes solvent to the mix, sending alerts when the chemical reaches a pre-specified level in the tank, or when supplemental solvent may be required.

Contact us today to pair your cannabis testing equipment with our on-site, IoT-enabled solvent recyclers — free of charge for 2 weeks.