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Solvent as a Service Explained By Solvent Recycling Systems

When it comes to eco-friendly solvent recycling solutions, not all systems are created equal. What really matters is how much solvent can actually be recycled, and what savings can be achieved through this process.

But why is recycling solvent so critical? Besides the obvious environmental benefits, reducing waste generation impacts your operation’s compliance status. Having low solvent levels also prevents the need for unnecessary paperwork, record keeping, and reporting.

But where can the cost savings be found? To start, purchasing new eco-friendly solvents previously disposed of as waste can bring immediate and substantial cost savings. Using solvent recovery equipment like that offered by Solvent Recycling Systems can help recycle nearly any solvent used.

In fact, using Solvent Recycling Systems, which offers Solvent as a Service, can help return up to 98% of your solvents, and can provide cost savings of 20-30% of traditional solvent suppliers.

How so? Here are five easy steps about how Solvent Recycling Systems works:

  1. Comprehensive Solvent Recycling: SRS’ solvent recovery equipment is adaptable, durable and can handle basic to complex manufacturing wastes. Easy to use and cost-efficient.
  2. Solvent Recovery Equipment: SRS’ solvent recovery equipment can recycle virtually any solvent used in a wide variety of applications.
  3. Low Cost Solvent Recycling: Cost savings are immediate and substantial, resulting from reductions in: Purchases of new solvents due to re-use of solvent previously disposed of as waste solvent Waste solvents and the associated handling costs for disposing of waste storage costs for both fresh solvent and waste solvent.
  4. Solvent Waste Disposal: The reduction in waste generation can make a critical difference in an operation’s compliance status, often keeping levels low enough to reduce or prevent the need for additional paperwork, record keeping and reporting.
  5. Chemical Recycling: Solvent Recycling Systems can supplement solvent loss with virgin solvent to create a complete chemical management program.

Benefits of Solvent Recycling:

  • Operations personnel enjoy clean, eco-friendly solvent all the time and more efficient cleaning operations.
  • Purchasing managers see drastic cost reductions
  • Environmental, Health and Safety managers eliminate waste streams and EPA paperwork
  • Sustainable solution for reducing hazardous waste disposal and resource consumption