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There is a lot to digest when it comes to the solvent recovery or recycling process. What type of solvent recycler should I choose? What overhead costs in addition to the still should I be concerned about? How much time will I need to devote to an operations team? We’ll seek to answer the most common questions on the topic. If you don’t see your question, send us a note here.

What is the leftover byproduct after the solvent recovery process?

Waste solvent recovery results in just two products: The resulting recovered solvent that;s of virgin quality, and the solvent waste. You are not creating a new product, nor are you treating the solvent. You are simply separating existing components and extending the shelf life of your existing chemical. The remaining waste would be considered hazardous waste and require EPA-compliant hazardous waste removal.

Is there any special expertise required to operate the recovery system?

No. Anyone that can simply turn on and replenish solvent can operate the recycler. Solvent Recycling Systems offers installation and training free of charge within your facility. You can even demo a solvent recycler on-site at your facility, free of charge for two weeks.

How much time should I devote to solvent recovery?

All of our solvent recyclers are IoT-enabled, meaning you can expect to spend about 15 minutes per day, including time for loading the waste solvent into the recovery unit, closing the lid and hitting the start button. Our tank level monitoring system will alert you when virgin solvent must be replenished.

Are there equipment or electrical drawings/schematics available?

Yes. Contact one of our technicians today for more information.

What is the expected life span of a waste solvent recovery system?

The expected life span of the recycling system is at least seven years – many of our systems can last decades. The processing tanks are custom manufactured of heavy gauge stainless steel and incorporate high-quality sheet metal cabinetry, a superior powder-coated finish, and are resistant to corrosion and rusting.

Is on-site solvent recovery meant for large processing facilities with high waste streams?

No. In fact, on-site recycling is more affordable than ever and recommended for all types of facilities with varying amounts of solvent waste. Although most solvent recovery systems will offer off-site services, facilities of all sizes are encouraged to recycle waste solvents on-site because of the EPA reporting and hazardous waste concerns of recycling off-site. In the past, it used to take multiple years just to see an ROI from your on-site solvent recycler purchase. Now, thanks to IoT solvent recycling and Solvent Recycling Systems’ solvent-as-a-service offering, dynamic manufacturer, fastener manufacturing and companies with smaller waste streams can see an immediate ROI.


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