IoT Smart Solvent Recycling

Remove Chemical Management From Your Workflow

IoT-enabled Waste Management

There are many benefits to on-site solvent distillation, but how economical is it for the smaller facility that's not continuously processing? Is it worth the overhead cost of managing the still? How much area will the solvent recycler cover?

The Answer? Real-Time Solvent Waste Monitoring.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is turning to waste management. Smart products and systems can now take corrective action to avoid downtime in the workplace. This is made possible through the use of automated systems, robots, NC machines, PLCs, cameras and wireless tools. And now, in the case of solvent recycling, we can add automatically replenishing solvent to the mix.

Respond to critical warning alerts only.
Improve routing and shipment efficiency.
Increase customer satisfaction and uptime
Adhere to corporate disposal & compliance regulations.


IoT-based solvent recycling applies predictive analytics to traditional solvent waste recycling, solvent recycling on-site with a smart recycler can significantly reduce labor costs, eliminate costs associated with manual tank inspection, and raise productivity for facilities of all sizes. This means that any business model or industry, with any processing need, can use a cost-friendly solvent distiller to take the guesswork out of solvent waste management.

  • An on-site solvent recycler displays a read-out every 8 hours

  • Alerts in the distillation tank are sent to all parties

  • Boosts productivity for operations managers

  • Automated chemical refills means you never run out of solvent


Whether you need to process waste chemicals continuously, in batch or on a cost-per-use basis, Solvent Recycling Systems will work with you to explore a variety of service options that can in handle basic to complex wastes in the most economical way possible. Solvent Recycling Systems can also recycle 98% of spent solvent using state-of-the-art solvent recycling equipment. Visit or see a complete listing of the solvent waste recyclables for more details.