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Chicago-Based B2B Marketing Agency to Support Solvent Recycling Systems’ National Expansion Plans

DECEMBER 3, 2016

CHICAGO – Macon Raine, a Chicago-based B2B marketing agency, has announced a new strategic marketing partnership with Solvent Recycling Systems, a leader in solvent management services for chemical supply and manufacturing companies. Macon Raine will provide marketing automation, social media management and web design/management for the growing company located in Addison, IL.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Solvent Recycling Systems,” said Amy Sanders, Macon Raine’s Director of Technical Marketing Operations. “The company has an extraordinary story to tell about the real value of contaminated solvents, and we look forward to raising awareness about the importance of cost-effective solvent recycling and waste removal. “

Solvent Recycling Systems encourages manufacturers to use a sustainable model for solvent disposal, not only because of the financial incentive that comes with reclaiming contaminated solvents, but to dramatically reduce resource consumption and the EPA compliance burdens associated with disposal. Solvent Recycling Systems’ guarantees a reduction in solvent spend by more than half through the use of no-cost solvent recyclers placed on premises.

“We selected Macon Raine as our B2B marketing agency because of their successful history conducting effective communications for growing SaaS companies,” said Doug Polomsky, President of Solvent Recycling Systems. “While we’re not a software company, our Solvent-as-a-Service model delivers scheduled, programmatic services that align to our clients specific waste needs. We provide services on a cost-per-use basis, via a lease or traditional purchasing. This model offers cost savings of 20-30% over traditional solvent suppliers.”

Solvent Recycling Systems’ proprietary solutions can recover 98% of recycled solvents, turning gallons of dirty solvents into clean, reusable solvents of virgin quality in just hours.


Since 2006, Solvent Recycling Systems has revolutionized how solvents are purchased, used and reused. Solvent Recycling Systems’ solvent recovery and parts washing systems enable chemical supply companies to produce clean solvent each and every day without allocating to chemical and waste storage, reclaiming precious floor space. The assortment of PLC-driven systems are easy-to-use for operators, can be temperature adjusted on the fly, and run continuously or in batch processing— adaptable and durable enough to handle basic to complex manufacturing wastes while remaining easy to use and cost-efficient.


Macon Raine is a B2B marketing agency located in the suburbs of Chicago. Macon Raine provides technical creative services including high-impact marketing strategy, demand creation, graphic design, content development, web development, social media and PR. For more information, visit


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