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Maintaining the efficiency of your parts washer or degreaser is of vital importance when it comes to reducing facility production costs. By integrating your parts washer with an IoT-enabled solvent recycler, your company can expect an annual reduction of solvent purchase and disposal costs by upwards of 90%, simply by reusing waste solvent through the process of distillation. This can restore 98% of your solvent waste into clean solvent.

Parts Washer Solvent Recycling Benefits

  • Restore a variety of solvent wastes

Recyclers can process solvents including Mineral Spirits, D-Limonene, Thinners and Naptha, and every other parts washer solvent. This includes Methylene Chloride, Trans-1,2-dichloroethylene blends, Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene, VertrelTM series, NovecTM series and N-Propyl Bromide, and every other solvent used for parts cleaning and degreasing.

  • Decrease Downtime in Your Facility

Turning contaminated spent solvent into clean solvent can reduce damage to the parts washer and in turn help your facility avoid costly downtime and labor spent cleaning production equipment. Rejected parts and repeat runs are virtually eliminated when you consistently recycle waste solvent into clean solvent. Extend the life of your parts washer.

  • Onsite parts washer solvent recycling

Recycling parts washer solvents on-site has several benefits over off-site recycling. For starters, you get to choose a recycling system for your facility that can continuously recycle solvent waste at a much lower cost. Solvent Recycling Systems will install 1-gallon units through 60-gallon units to fit your processing needs. You can opt to purchase, lease or on a cost-per-use basis. Used solvent aggregated in your facility will be processed either continuously or in batch. The automated, Iot solvent recyclers are built to run 24/7 and are PLC-driven.

  • Lower your environmental footprint

According to the EPA, solvent waste disposal is one of the most critical environmental concerns today. Solvent Recycling Systems is trying to address this by making on-site solvent waste management more affordable to smaller facilities, since it can reduce solvent waste disposal by up to 98%. Solvent recycling on-site not only reduces your solvent disposal costs, it reduces the need for storage, your environmental impact, and as a result, your EPA reporting requirements. Hazardous waste is difficult to dispose of and threatens both the environment and public safety. On-site recycling can help your facility stay compliant and avoid environmental hazards, protect scarce natural resources, and reduce the nation’s reliance on raw materials and energy.


Whether you need to process waste chemicals continuously, in batch or on a cost-per-use basis, Solvent Recycling Systems will work with you to explore a variety of service options to increase the shelf life of your parts washer and maintain uptime in your facility. Solvent Recycling Systems can also recycle 98% of spent solvent using state-of-the-art solvent recycling equipment. Visit or see a complete listing of the solvent waste recyclables for more details.


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