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Maintaining a low-cost and sustainable operation for your degreaser is of vital importance in the effort to offset rising production facility costs. Solvent Recycling Systems can recycle mineral spirits used as a degreaser, including D-Limonene, Paint thinners and Naptha solvent, in addition to other hydrocarbon solvents used for parts washing. Solvent Recycling Systems uses state-of-the-solvent distillation machines to convert dirty solvent directly from the boiling sump of the degreaser into clean, fresh solvent of virgin quality back into the immersion sump.

While the solvents above are some of the more commonly used non-halogenated solvents in parts cleaning or washing, virtually all types of solvents can be recycled through proper segregation, labeling, and management.

Why mineral spirits as a degreaser should be recycled

In most applications, mineral spirits are not consumed, but rather are contaminated by other substances. Mineral spirits recycling is not only important for the environment, it prevents contaminants from coating vital heater-coils which lead to their early “burnout”. Prolonging the life of heater coils not only saves money, it also helps to avoid costly unscheduled shutdowns and repairs. Contaminant levels can vary depending on the parts being cleaned. For example, for engine parts cleaning, the solvent may contain 30 to 40 percent fuels, oils, water, and solids before it needs to be replaced. Because of these unique situations, Solvent Recycling Systems uses a solvent-as-a-service system offering to support any waste stream. You can opt to purchase, lease or operate on a single-use basis.

Never run out of mineral spirits

Through the use of tank level monitoring sensors, Solvent Recycling Systems (SRS) can take over managing mineral spirits as a degreaser so that you never run out of cleans olvent. An on-site solvent recycler displays a read-out every 8 hours. Once a solvent reaches a certain pre-specified level in the distillation tank, an alert is sent to both the operations team and SRS. This triggers an automated chemical refill.

This smart, IoT-enabled solvent recycling approach reduces check-ins and offloads:

  • Respond to critical warning alerts only
  • Improve routing and shipment efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction and uptime
  • Lower disposal and compliance costs

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