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Did you know you can recycle and reclaim your contaminated paint thinner? Paint thinner, also known as mineral spirits, can all be reused over and over again to clean oil-based paints and stains. Mineral spirits, a petroleum distillate,  are often used as a substitute for turpentine. They are less flammable and toxic than turpentine, but are still volatile due to the presence of aromatics.

Reclamation of paint thinners is of critical importance to the environment and to industrial manufacturers. Some of the environmental hazards of other paint thinners are as follows:

Acetone: Used in consumer products like nail polish remover and auto lacquer, acetone is a colorless, clear liquid that is somewhat toxic (should never be ingested or inhaled).

Toluene: Made from tolu tree byproducts as well as crude oil, toluene is a common ingredient in degreasers and is used as a solvent in many applications including rubber, ink, paint, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals.

Turpentine: Though often derived from pine trees, turpentine can also be made from crude oil. It is highly flammable and should be handled with care.

Costs for solvents, like paint thinner, can add up for paints and coatings, auto and body shops or other facilities that use a significant amount of paint thinner. Why pay to replace or dispose of contaminated mineral spirits when you can restore the spent solvent into a solvent of virgin quality?

If the mineral spirit is processed through Solvent Recycling Systems’ solvent distillation units, the thinner and the contaminant (paint) are separated, and 98% of the solvent is recoverable for reuse without having to manage the still. Automatic alerts update you when the solvent is close to running out. You save money on multiple fronts: disposal and replacement of the mineral spirits, reduction in EPA reporting, and increased uptime in your facility.

Mineral Spirits Reclamation In Three Steps:

  1. Fill the tank (process 1.5 – 4.5 gallons of dirty solvent per hour!)
  2. Press start  (No need to manage the still)
  3. Reuse your mineral spirits

Learn how Solvent Recycling Systems’ state-of-the-art IoT-enabled solvent recyclers process can help reclaim your mineral spirits, like paint or lacquer thinner, that have become contaminated during the cleaning operations.


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