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Paint Spray Gun Cleaning and Solvent Recycling

Paint thinner,  mineral spirits, and other solvents are often used for paint gun cleaning because of their ability to quickly dissolve paint residue in small openings. These solvents contain toxic compounds that present environmental concerns and health risks to the general public. 

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions from solvents contribute to smog formation. Shop operators need to know and follow rules for record keeping, purchase, use, storage, and management of solvent products and their resulting waste. The cost of both the disposal of these hazardous wastes and solvent loss from evaporation places a significant burden on smaller facilities and shop owners. Now, thanks to affordable, IoT on-site solvent recycling, paint shops and facilities can now lift the burden of recycling solvents used for paint gun cleaning without having to devote resources to an operations team in order to manage the still.

Parts washing equipment for paint shops

Our aqueous parts washers and solvent chemistries are  ideal for the professional shop—clearing away oil, grease, and grime in your facility.

Solvent Recycling Systems offers both continuous and batch processing to meet the production levels your company requires. In general, continuous processing is a better choice for high production levels, while batch processing is more labor-intensive and requires an operator — sufficient for moderate and lower production level.

Our cleaning systems bring unprecedented performance and cost reductions to your operations by providing clean solvent 24/7, maximizing performance and reducing waste, disposal cost, and downtime. Thousands of paint shops and gun manufacturers rely on us for paint gun cleaning equipment and environmental services. Whether you need to process waste chemicals continuously, in batch or on a cost-per-use basis, Solvent Recycling Systems will work with you to explore a variety of service options that can in handle basic to complex wastes in the most economical way possible.

Demo our IoT-enabled solvent recyclers

Solvent Recycling Systems can also recycle 98% of spent solvent using state-of-the-art IoT solvent recycling equipment. Visit or see a complete listing of the solvent waste recyclables for more details.

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