AL8 Agitating Parts Washer



Air Lift Tank AL8

Standard Features:

  • Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Steel Construction
    (10 gauge back panel) for Durability
  • 80 Gallon Capacity
  • Heavy Duty Platform with Removable Grating
  • Machine Operates with Cover Closed Protecting Operator
  • Two Modes of Operation: Soak & Agitate
  • Safety Fusible Link Lowers Platform and Closes Lid in Event of Fire
  • All Pneumatic Controls and Operation

Available Options :

  • Stainless Steel Construction (Call for Quote)
  • Flow Thru Cleaning Brush Assembly
    (Requires 120V/1PH/60Hz Electrical)
  • Heating System
    (Requires 120V/1PH/60Hz/40A Electrical)
  • Belt Style Oil Skimmer
    (Requires 120V/1PH/60Hz Electrical)
  • Spray Under Immersion Agitation Optional (Call for Quote)

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Air Lift Tank AL8


Overall Dimensions Platform Dimensions Free Board Area Sill Height Solvent Depth Solvent Capacity Workload Capacity Air Requirements

55″L x 40″W x 69″H 44″L x 19″W 13″ 36″ 12″ 80 gallons 250 pounds 90 PSI @ 3 CFM

Additional information

Weight 620 lbs
Dimensions 55 × 40 × 69 in