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Solvent Recycling Systems’ solvent recovery services  ( were recently featured on – a news portal profiling new and interesting B2B companies and technologies.

Solvent Recycling Systems is a Chicago-based solvent recovery equipment and services provider that is changing the way solvents are purchased, used and reused. Solvent Recycling Systems was profiled by for their solvent waste disposal services and their ability to reduce the EPA regulatory compliance burden faced by a wide range of solvent-using facilities and manufacturers, most notably in the printing, coatings, automotive, aerospace, electronics and machining industries.

Solvent Recycling System’s revolutionary solvent recyclers are offered on a purchase, lease or cost-per-use gallon basis. This “solvent-as-a-service” waste disposal model cuts costs by 30% over traditional suppliers and reduces hazardous waste costs by as much as 90%. You can learn about the distinct differences between the two service offerings here.

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