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What is a solvent recovery system?

Hazardous waste disposal is not just expensive, it’s dangerous. Instead of simply disposing of your solvent waste, you can reduce your need for raw materials using an IoT-enabled solvent recovery system. Solvent recovery systems can reduce the demand for raw materials by recovering solvent waste that can then be reused in production. They can also help manufacturers meet regulatory requirements or process standards and reduce EPA reporting by cleaning waste streams before they are released from the plant.

What can be recovered?

Many solvents, including a variety of types of halogenated and non-halogenated solvents –for example, paint lacquers and thinners, alcohols, acetone, methanol and more – can be reclaimed using solvent recovery systems. This also includes:

  • Non-azeotropic solutions
  • Aqueous non-azeotropic solutions
  • Heterogeneous azeotropic solutions
  • Aqueous homogeneous azeotropic solutions

For a longer list of solvent recyclables, click here.

How much does a solvent recovery system cost?

Solvent Recycling Systems, LLC is unique in that there is no fee for installation, technology, shipping, or training. We offer affordable, on-site solvent recovery units for facilities of all sizes. Whether you need to process solvent wastes with a 1-gallon or 60-gallon still, you’ll always be processing to your facility’s waste stream. You only pay for the solvents that are recovered from your waste; we also offer lease and single-use options for batch processing requirements. A low- to mid-sized manufacturer should reap the benefits of on-site recycling too.

And, thanks to our IoT-enabled solvent recyclers that automate the distillation process, you don’t have to worry about overhead cost managing the still and or worrying about supplementing solvent

Demo a solvent recycling system for 2 weeks, for free.

How efficient is solvent recovery?

Most solvent recovery services report 75-80% efficiency but higher efficiencies are possible. Solvent Recycling Systems can recycle 98% of solvent waste at a cost 30% less than traditional solvent suppliers. This is made possible through our solvent-as-as-service offering (lease, cost-per-use options) and IoT-enablement.

How do I calculate ROI for a solvent recovery system?

When selecting a solvent recovery system, keep in mind the following: solvent batch processing requirements, amount of waste solvent produced in your facility, and disposal costs of solvent waste byproduct. Most solvent distillation units that are purchased outright require 1.5 years before ROI is realized, and in the case of a smaller facility, it could take much longer. With Solvent Recycling Systems’ solvent-as-a-service offering, ROI is much sooner (<6 months) due to more tailored processing.


Solvent Recycling Systems will work with you to explore a variety of service options to handle your basic to complex wastes in the most economical way possible. On-site smart solvent recyclers can take the management out of solvent waste recovery and recycle 98% of spent solvent using state-of-the-art solvent recycling equipment. Visit for more detail.