How can I recycle hexane solvent waste?

Many of the solvents used in the solvent extraction process, such as butane, propane, hexane, isopropyl alcohol and ethanol, can be recycled and re-used right within your facility, using solvent recycling systems.

Hexane solvent, in particular, is a simple molecule comprising of only carbon and hydrogen. It is not regarded as a carcinogen by public health agencies, but because of its widespread use, it is on the EPA list of hazardous air pollutants. Hexane solvent waste has been well studied by the scientific community, researchers, and public institutions responsible for public health protection over many decades to characterize potential risk and determine what levels are safe.

Recycle Hexane Solvent Waste with IoT-enabled solvent recyclers

You can recycle hexane solvent using solvent recycling equipment, which will meet your exact requirements of a recycled solvent at a lower cost.

Solvent Recycling Systems will take waste solvent that is no longer useful due to a contamination, and reclaim 98% of it through on-site solvent recycling. We use IoT-enabled distillation units that are affordable for small- to mid-sized facilities, suitable for all types of processing requirements. This means you can:

  • Respond to critical warning alerts only
  • Improve routing and shipment efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction and uptime
  • Adhere to corporate disposal and compliance regulations

We apply predictive analytics to solvent recycling, so you can significantly reduce labor costs associated with manual tank inspection and raise productivity. Any facility can take advantage of solvent recycling on-site, without the cost burden of managing the distillation in-house.

When selecting a solvent recovery system, keep in mind the following: solvent batch processing requirements, the amount of waste solvent produced in your facility, and disposal costs of solvent waste byproduct. Most solvent distillation units that are purchased outright require 1.5 years before ROI is realized, and in the case of a smaller facility, it could take much longer. With Solvent Recycling Systems' solvent-as-a-service offering, the ROI is much sooner (<6 months).


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