Full Series Pipe Washer

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These parts washers are designed for the spray washing of profiles, tubes and cylinders, using aqueous detergents at a temperature of 70°C maximum. These machines are mainly characterized by a “step-by-step” functioning. All machines are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and they are models for one or two wash treatments. The parts’ washing occurs in 4 phases:1) Internal washing, through moving nozzles, pushed into the tube by pneumatic cylinders, 2) External washing, through upper and lower fixed nozzles, which cover the whole surface, 3) Internal blowing, through blowers and moving nozzles pushed into the tube by pneumatic cylinders, 4) External electric hot air drying.

Pipe W


WIDTH CAPACITY 2000 mm 2000 mm
HEIGHT CAPACITY 300 mm 300 mm
WEIGHT CAPACITY 120 kg/piece 120 kg/piece
DIMENSION (L*P*H) 4500x5000xh2500 mm 4500x6500xh2500 mm