Aqueous Cleaning Products

After you choose an aqueous parts washer, you must then determine the method of cleaning that fits your processing requirements. We provide you with the highest quality, environmentally friendly aqueous cleaning products for your facility/business. All of our aqueous solutions are designed to be safe on the part being cleaned in both hard or soft water — e.g., aluminum, steel, or other metals. The most commonly used methods of cleaning are immersion cleaning, spray cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning:

Immersion Cleaning

Your parts are dipped into immersion (dip tank) and spray washer cleaner/degreasers. The cleaning solution may be agitated and/or heated to improve cleaning. Immersion is often a batch process.

Spray Cleaning

Spray cleaners increase the cleaning ability by combining the cleaning chemistry with physical cleaning (sprayer). Spray cleaning may be batch or continuous.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a special type of immersion cleaning in which high-frequency vibrations are transmitted through the solution to produce a scrubbing action. It is effective in cleaning very small parts.

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